What can the challenge of change do for my organisation?

Wellbeing is a strategic issue, and can be the difference between an organisation succeeding or failing.  People who are happy and well make the best employees, freeing individuals to perform at their best for both their and the organisation's benefit. 

Resilience course components:

  • The Profile – confidential individual strength and liability analysis.
  • Detailed Course notes – participants all receive a comprehensive workbook.
  • Personal action plans for change.
  • Audio mindfulness and relaxation exercises downloadable from our website.
  • Online follow-up Refresher – automatically activated 90 days post course.

Developing Resilience

The Challenge of Change (CoC) Resilience programme works with people to help them identify personal strengths and weaknesses and to develop resilience.  Under the protective guidance of Dr Derek Roger and his team of Accredited Associates individuals regain the feeling of being in control and feel empowered to perform better.

Benefits for the Organisation

Thousands of workers and their managers in the UK, The USA and New Zealand have already benefited from the Challenge of Change training programmes.  The significant positive advantages they report include:

  • Increased retention and loyalty
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Increased insight to enable perfecting of personnel strategies
  • Improvements in overall organisational capability and coping ability
  • Better company-wide communication
  • Better integration and co-operation amongst individuals and teams
  • Ability to pursue longer term employee care strategies
  • Addressing work/life issues
  • Enables the impact of HR strategies to be evaluated to create HR return on investment calculations

All programmes have been developed from Dr Derek Roger's ongoing research, which began at the University of York in England.