David Dexter, Casualty Risk Engineering Manager, Syndicate 3210, MSIG Holdings (Europe) Ltd

“We pride ourselves on not being the traditional insurer and differentiate our offering with our innovative and creative approach to risk management. As part of this we suggest The Challenge of Change resilience training to help our clients manage their risk profile. We organise taster sessions for clients to get a feel for the training and can also include the training as part of our offering. We’ve worked with Jo since 2010 and they now help a number of our clients.

The Challenge of Change steps away from the traditional approach to stress management and focuses on practical skills to build individual resilience. The first of our clients who used the programme was able to track a statistical difference between those regions that were trained and those that weren’t, staff retention was improved and sickness absence declined. We presented these findings as a case study to other clients at our annual risk management conference and several took up the programme, with at least one rolling it out globally. Those mid-managers who often attend the course, gain personal benefits that cascade down and are shared with their staff.

Members of our team and I have attended the training and still apply the practical skills learnt. We also commonly refer to some of the scenario examples, such as ‘letting go of the peanut’ amongst our team to help keep us on track when under pressure.

I believe that the course can influence our clients’ claims performance which can ultimately help to ensure premium stability.”