We can provide overviews of the Challenge of Change as speaking engagements. Our team includes experienced and entertaining speakers. Their varied and dynamic careers both as academics and business psychologists provide thought-provoking and insightful presentations. 

Our in-depth knowledge of human behaviour is both perceptive and commercially relevant and is backed by our extensive research programme. Our presentations make for an enjoyable and memorable audience experience. To enquire about booking a Speaking Engagement please contact us here.



"LOVED! LOVED! LOVED this session!!!  So interesting.  Great speaker, funny witty."

"Well presented, excellent.  Learned a lot about myself."

"I found this talk great as I have been feeling quite stressed about work recently and I will use techniques learnt today to address this stress and use detachment to work my way out of it now and in the future."

"Fantastic session!  Real personable presenter – funny and informative.  Suggesting pragmatic approaches to become resilient.  Was an 'eye-opener' session."

"Really enjoyed this part of the day.  It was informative and interactive."

"Great public speaker, entertaining."

"Very good, interesting, good at keeping you engaged, used lots of relevant examples to everyday life."

"Brilliant presentation.  Thought provoking; good strategies.  Thanks!"

"Very good, very fun and interactive.  Good information.  Awesome presenter."

"FANTASTIC!  Beyond expectation.  Terrific presenter.   Connected with everyone for whole 2 hours.  Really thought provoking.  Right time for this presentation.  Just loved it!"