Our insurer Mitsui recommended The Challenge of Change Resilience Training as a means of introducing risk management to our Area Managers. Jo ran six sessions, training between 12-20 Area Managers per session.

Elaine Clarke, Health & Safety Manager, Ladbrokes

“The training was very well received and people felt they got a lot out of it, both personally and professionally. I attended the first course and to me it highlighted that our reactions to things are more common than you’d think. I didn’t only learn about myself but about other people too and this stops any feelings of alienation or isolation. A year on I’m still using what I learnt, such as letting go, detaching myself, not churning over things and concentrating on what’s important now. I particularly enjoyed the analogies and shared them with my own team, we still use the ‘Stop it’ and ‘Drop the nut’ phrase and often refer to them and the language used in conversations.

    I can’t speak highly enough of Jo or the course, Jo comes across very well and personalised it all with experiences from her own life. The training helped me acknowledge that you need to react in a proactive, positive way.”