The success of any programme depends upon training a critical mass of staff, and the need to improve company performance by providing resilience training for people has led to a growing demand for shorter training sessions.  Our new Challenge of Change half-day programme provides an ideal opportunity to augment the benefits of the full-day training by including a much larger number of staff, bringing with it economies of cost and time and allowing for key concepts and language to be shared and cascaded more effectively.

Combined approach

Different versions of the programme have been adapted and trialled in a number of companies in the UK and New Zealand, but a combination of full days for key personnel and then half-days for others has been found to work well.  We would strongly recommend that the half-day sessions be used in combination with full days, with the latter typically being reserved for management-level staff.

Components of the Half-day

  • Four steps to Freedom.
  • Relaxation/mindfulness exercise.
  • Half-day version of the handbook.
  • A shortened version of the Profile.
  • The 90-day online follow-up Challenge of Change Refresher.

The Short CoC Profile includes four scales from the eight-scale Full CoC Profile, and is purely for those attending the half-day Challenge of Change Resilience Training programme.  Two of the scales are drawn from the three key 'one-edged' scales in the Full Profile, omitting only the third one (Toxic Achieving) which has particular relevance for management style.

Stipulation for Half-days

  • Half-days should always be in combination with full days, with the latter typically reserved for management-level staff.

  • Organisations must purchase at least two half-day sessions, typically run sequentially (morning followed by afternoon).

  • 15 participants maximum.