Portakabin operate in seven countries and employ more than 1,600 people in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Holland. Since the company was founded as a pioneering manufacturer of portable and modular buildings, we have continued to innovate and develop exceptional buildings that meet the challenges of efficient, sustainable, high-quality construction. 

Phil Marsland, Portakabin Group

"The Challenge of Change course has had a deep and lasting effect on myself both at work and at home.  Before attending I knew that I needed to improve my ability to cope with the demands of my job and my life, and the effect these had on me, I just didnt know how to do this!  I had tried all the usual things like exercise and less healthy options, but I didnt realise that I was only dealing with the symptoms and not the causes.  I now know how to deal with the causes and that my response to these causes is a choice; and if I want to respond differently and to feel different then I can choose to do that, helped by the new tools and knowledge that I now have."

"Jo Clarke took our group by the hand and guided us to a better place.  Her delivery, method and materials are just perfect in engaging a group, whilst allowing each individual to learn about themselves, and to take away the things that are most meaningful to themselves.  Thank you Jo, for making a real difference."