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Michael Davison,  EME Risk Manager – Cummins Inc

“Our corporate insurer regards this program as best practice and has helped with pilot funding.

The Challenge of Change program came to our attention three years ago. Subsequent to this, we have worked with Jo (Dr Clarke) to develop a structure that will enable us to roll the training out to 650 staff in 2014 and beyond. Feedback from staff has been very positive, ranging from 'the course ended too early for me' to 'since attending the course, I've not experienced any further migraines'. Perhaps its simplicity is what sets it apart: staff came expecting gimmicks and techniques, and instead went away with the understanding that 'they always have a choice' or can 'drop the peanut'. In essence, the program is helping us introduce a common language across the business in relation to understanding that stress is always bad, whereas pressure can be good. We have had US/UK staff go through the training and it works across cultures. Our corporate insurer regards this program as best practice and has helped with pilot funding. Demonstrating our commitment to the program longer-term, we have even seen our Employers' Liability premium come down.

As a trainer/facilitator, Jo is up there with the best. Her relaxed approach draws the best out of groups - that's certainly the feedback we've received from staff that have gone through the Challenge of Change program. As program sponsor within the company, I have introduced Jo to many of our functional experts: HR, Legal, HSE, Risk, Finance, Purchasing, IT, Recruitment, Real Estate and so on. Everyone has been impressed by her ability to make complex subject matter both simple and engaging. Backed up by her academic standing and breadth of experience in the real-world, Jo is easy to relate to and so far, hasn't faced a question or audience that she hasn't been able to deal with. I'd recommend both the program and Jo, as a trainer to any organisation.”

Susan Henry, New Product Introduction Leader, Cummins Inc

Susan attended a Challenge of Change Resilience training day and subsequently had four private coaching sessions with Jo Clarke.

“I found the Challenge of Change to be refreshingly good. I was initially a little apprehensive and thought it might have been dull and full of PowerPoint slides and buzz words, but it was interactive and the small group allowed us to engage well and have more contact with Jo and each other. I hadn’t done a course on Resilience before and although much of it seemed common sense completing the questionnaire allowed me to understand my character traits and see why I reacted like I did in different situations. It also enabled me to see how I could make changes. Hearing stories from Jo and others helps you put your thoughts into context to enable a higher level of self-improvement.

A few of my colleagues also had personal coaching sessions with Jo and we’ve all found them to be really helpful. Her direct style works well and as she’s outside the organisation and her job isn’t entwined with your career you are able to look at things more rationally and open up. I found it really useful that she was able to give me a push in the right direction and enabled me see things from other peoples’ perspectives. I think continued sessions, less frequently now I have developed more skills, would really help maintain the progress I’ve made and would like to continue to make.

Jo uses storytelling as a wonderful tool for putting things in context. Using these stories, which are examples from her own life, really helped me to understand and enjoy the sessions, creating a bond that enables the whole process to root itself in everyday life."

Robert Passmore, World Wide Chief Engineer, Cummins Inc

Robert had a series of coaching sessions with Jo Clarke.

‘‘I found the coaching sessions were suitably complimentary to the support I receive as part of my job but they were more inclusive of real life constraints and I was also easily able to apply it to life outside the office. It’s quite important to recognise that we need to manage all pressure not just work related.

I found Jo to be very perceptive and easy to talk to and her knowledge is beyond reproach. I particularly enjoyed understanding the science behind why we react in certain ways.

Overall the biggest advantage has been that I am more effective. I can better manage stressful situations in both my work and home life.  I’m able to recognise the triggers that lead to rumination. I can weigh things up and make the right decisions.

The coaching has not only enabled me to deal with the pressures of work and home but it’s made me more open minded to other people's reactions. I have global responsibility and setting aside cultural differences we fundamentally react similarly to change. I can apply what I’ve learnt to help me plan change and reactions to it and tailor it appropriately.’’