People, features and research

New USA Master Trainer

Our Master Trainer in the USA, Nick Petrie, is one of our greatest ambassadors.  He has recently begun to focus more on his own independent consultancy work, and although he continues to deliver Challenge of Change programmes, the constraints on his time called for a second Master Trainer to help with the facilitation and promotion of CoC training in the US.  Another CCL accreditee, Ren Washington, has accordingly now been certified as a second Challenge of Change Master Trainer.  Ren is a member of the Global Markets faculty at the CCL, and is an expert in public speaking.  He is an inspirational trainer who, like Nick, lives the principles of CoC, and we’re very pleased to welcome him to the Challenge of Change team. 

A new feature on the website

Our Master Trainer in New Zealand, Cynthia Johnson, is constantly coming up with innovative ideas for delivering the Challenge of Change more effectively.  Earlier this year she suggested having a follow-up for training participants that would help them to address issues highlighted by their scores on the Challenge of Change Profile.  This has led to a new feature on the website: the day after the training workshop, all participants now automatically receive via e-mail a file outlining ways to help implement changes in behaviour that may be needed.

New research

Research based on the scales that the Challenge of Change Profile is derived from is continuing. Our Research Associate, Lehan Stemmet, has recently published a paper focusing on rumination (Stemmet L., Roger D., Kuntz J. and Borrill J. (2018) Ruminating about the past or ruminating about the future - which has the bigger impact on health? An exploratory study. Current Psychology 36, 10.1007/s12144-018-9781-2).  Although the rumination scale in the Profile combines past and future perspectives, the paper explores in more detail the differences between them in the context of health and well-being.