Interviews with Derek about his new book

Derek has had a number of interviews following the release of Work Without Stress: Developing A Resilient Mindset For Lasting Success (with Nick Petrie – McGraw-Hill, 2017).

WiseTalk is a forum hosted by Mariposa Leadership Inc. in San Francisco, featuring current and challenging new ideas. Derek’s interview with Sue Bethanis provided the opportunity for a relaxed and in-depth discussion of both the book and the Challenge of Change Resilience Training programme, and you can listen to it at:

Robert Morris is a prolific commentator on business trends in the USA, via his Blogging on Business site. Robert’s insighful interview questions allowed a wide-ranging perspective on the Challenge of Change, starting with the personal influences that led to developing the training:

Before discussing Work Without Stress, a few general questions. First, who has had the greatest influence on your personal growth? How so?

Hardest one first! There have been many.

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The Voice of America: Interview With Nick Petrie

Our Challenge of Change Resilience programme has been included in the leadership development offering of the USA Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) for over three years now.  Many NZ executives and HR people know CCL as a pre-eminent American leadership development centre.

New Zealander and colleague Nick Petrie has worked in the leadership development team at CCL for four years, and amongst other responsibilities he leads the Resilience programme and the team of CCL people Derek trained to run it.

We thought we would catch up with Nick to find out how things have been going.

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